Create a new trail based on a GPX or KML file

The “Trail Manager” application offers you the ability to create, update or delete trail segments from your trail network directly in the application. It also allows you to import temporary layers to help the creation new trail segments.

Follow these steps to add a new trail based on a temporary layer (GPX file or KML file):

  1. Connect to the “Trails Platform” and click on “Web Apps” in the main menu;
  2. Select and run your “Trail Manager” application;
  3. Drag and drop the GPX file that contains the trail that you want to add to the map.
    The map will either automatically zoom to the added feature or an “Add features to a data source” window will open. If this is the case, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Add features to the map" button add_map_v2.PNG to add the GPX file to the map.
    Note: The GPX file will be added to the map as a temporary layer. Since only the geometry is shown, the temporary layer won’t be added to the layer tree or be selectable. It will only serve as a guide to be able to draw the new trail more accurately.
  4. Once you see the temporary layer in the map, click on the “+” button on the “Trail” layer on the layer tree;
  5. Draw the trail by clicking on the map, using the temporary file as a guide. You can add as many segments to the trail as you want;
  6. Double-click to finish the trail;
  7. Fill the form and click save;
  8. To Remove the temporary layer (GPX file) from the map, click the "Delete temporary layer" buttongarbage_button.PNG on the right side of the map.

You have now added a new trail to your trail network using the trail manager application! The trail will be displayed according to the category you selected in the form.

Don’t forget to publish the changes so the new trail can be seen in the public app!








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