How to connect to eVouala database with Jaspersoft® Studio?

Jaspersoft® allows you to create amazing custom reports and imports them into eVouala Platform.  To achieve that, you will need to setup two options:

1) As administrator of eVouala Platform, open User area in your Library (Advanced - Users).  Then select user you want let connect to platform database and click on Edit user.  Then activate Database Access and set a Password:




2) Create a remote connection to the eVouala Platform from Jaspersoft® Studio, right-click on Data Adapters, click on Create Data Adapter, then select Database JDBC Connection.  In the Driver configuration tab, filed with the following information (change for your Domain name server, and user/password):



 NOTE 1:  Jaspersoft uses a JDBC connection string to manage Data Adapter.  A common connection problem to eVouala server will be with your certificate type.  If your SSL certificate is self-signed, you will need to add this option to your connection string.


 NOTE 2:  Be careful with your database username.  Upper case and space will be changed for '_'.   For example:

evouala user 'Sim Mercier'  will be 'sim_mercier'


Click on Test to be sure everything is alright and click on Finish. For more information on this topic, go in your documentation Platform, Guide section, Remote connection.

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