Create Classes in your Layers

Class allows you to configure how a layer is displayed.  You can access Layer Properties by clicking on Layer Name or Class Name. Then, you will be able to access Class Properties by clicking on Class Name.  It is also possible to access directly Class Properties from the layer tree by clicking on the graphic symbol of the class. 


To do so, open the map in edit mode

  • Select the layer on which you want to add a class
  • Click on the class you want to edit and add a condition* in 'filter'. 
  • You can change class' name by editing the field 'Class name'
  • Select a symbol to display features matching your condition
  • You can quickly duplicate your class by clicking on the copy button.
  • If you want to create a new class from scratch, click on 'New Class'
  • It is possible to change the class order by drag and drop.

- Leaving the filter blank will select all feature not matching previous class conditions;
- The default class has blank filter;
- Only features that are matching conditions will show up on the map;
- Features can be drawn only one time per layer;

* Refer to filters section in the documentation to have all the possibilities.

**More information are available in the documentation under Maps section.

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