Manage POI Data source

For different reasons, you may need to change or update your POI Data Source.  Here's some tips to achieve it:

1) POI Data Source needs to have specific field name.  The structure of this Data Source must have at least these fields :

  • name (text)
  • address (text)
  • type (test)
  • info (text)

2) Be sure you've opened your Tracking area.  If you are still in default eVouala, click on More... and Fleet Tracking.  You will have to select the Tracking feed of your choice.

3) To configure your tracking extension's POI, click on Advance menu and select Fleet Configuration.

4) Select POI tab and select your own POI Data Source.Then, select POI Description field. This information will be used to describe your POI. For example, you could display the name,


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