Activate Group Layers

GIS professional users are used to create Group in the Layer tree to simplify access to the dataset.  In the eVouala application builder,  you have the ability to activate the advanced Layer Tree by enabling the Group Layers option via the JSON config of your app.   This option allows you to Group layers and adds Group Layers inside other Group Layers!   The grouping combination of this advanced option is unlimited and proposed a more compact user interface. 


To activate this option, access to App area and create a new Mapping application.  The first thing to do is to open the JSON config tab and add the "enable_grouping" option in the layer_tree configuration array.


Then, you will need to add the Grouping definition in the Form configuration of each layer of your map to Group.  The name used in this option will be using a Group Name. 

"layer_tree_group": "group1/sub group",

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