Update POI information fields

The POI (Point Of Interest) Manager application gives you the ability to create, update or delete POIs.  Follow those steps to update a Point of Interest in your application settings:


1) Connect to the Trails Platform and click on "Dashboard" in the main menu;

2) Click on POI Manager;

3) In the map area, zoom at the location of the Point of Interest you want to update;

4) Click on the pencil button located on the right side of the screen;

5) Click on the POI on the map which you want to update;

6) Update fields you want to update in the form and click save;


 7) You can also Search by attributes for a specific POI in the “search for” bar, then click on the pen left (or zoom to o locate it) to update it.


The POI will be displayed with an Icon according to the selected category, and database fields will be shown in an adapted popup window when user click on the POI.


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