How to create an app with a time slider

A useful way to browse a Data Source with temporal information is to create an app with a slider. A Slider is an eVouala Filter control that you can configure in a Form.  In this short article, we will show you how to create one like this demo app:



1) The first step will be to download a spatial dataset with temporal data in it.  Here's a link to download the dataset of this example.  You will find the original dataset on Quebec open data portal.  One very important aspect of your temporal field MUST be a numerical field.  

2) At import time, check Generate Base Form in Advance option.  This will create for you a basic Form that we will use to add an eVouala Filter.

3) In the Library Form area, select your Form and add this configuration at the end:

The browsable option will let you fill the databrowse control with this dataset in your map application.    In the eVouala Filters option, we set priority to 1 to be sure that this slider will appear on the top of your data browser.  The property option let you select temporal data field

3) After you have uploaded this dataset and configured your Form in your eVouala account, you will need to create a Map with the Map Editor.  Select a base map of your choice and add this demo Data Source in your map.  

4) Then by clicking on Create a resource select Mapping Application, select the Map you just created and be sure to activate the Data source browser option save your app and run your app!



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